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Janine’s Clean Home Was A Godsend

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Hi, I’m Devron, owner of Power Plus Cleaning and Restoration, let me tell you how we helped Janine in Springville, Utah, transform their soiled and stained carpets and upholstery cleaned to the fresh and healthy state she expects.

The Serrato’s Story:

Janine Serrato has hosted a lot of family pastors lately in her Springville UT house. With so many small children running around, it’s not surprising that things have gotten a little messy. The food and spilled drinks have taken their toll on the carpets and upholstery, so Janine was excited when she heard about Power Plus Cleaning and Restoration.

Here’s What We Started With

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service in Springville

Finally, she decided to call Power Plus Cleaning for help. The team arrived right on time and got to work immediately. They were professional and friendly, and they worked quickly to get the carpets and furniture looking new again. The team pre-treated all of the stains and then went to work cleaning everything up. They also treated the couch with a fabric protector to help keep it looking clean for longer.

Check Out How AMAZING It Turned Out!

Thanks to Power Plus Cleaning, Janine can relax knowing that her home is clean finally
and back to normal once again!

And what does Janine think?

Made sure we loved the outcome and was everything we expected

Janine Serrato

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