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When it comes to commercial locations, especially those that see heavy customer foot traffic or have many on-site employees, more than this is how allergens accumulate, which then leads to grime building up on floors due to outside dirt tracked in on shoes. This is especially true on carpets, area rugs, and tile flooring at doors, garages, and other outside-facing entry points in the building.

It is hard to schedule cleanings around meetings, open hours, and other day-to-day events in commercial buildings. This doesn’t make it less important to get done, however, as allowing the carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces of your business to go without cleaning can become hazardous. As such, our team at Power Plus works with you to ensure that we can find a time and work order that works best for you.

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Choosing a carpet cleaner that you can trust is always daunting, so we strive to be the best in the business and set your worries at ease every time. Commercial jobs need a team that is prepared to handle the unique challenges around a business’s flooring, but there is no one better than our team.

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Business owners spend a lot of time and money on their carpets. They need them to be clean, not only for aesthetic purposes but also because dirty floors bring harmful allergens into your businesses that can cause health and air quality problems in the business. Unfortunately, even with a good vacuum, it’s ineffective at removing deeply embedded debris that gets caught in the fibers of the carpet.

This is why a professional team is essential when it comes to any carpeting, upholstery, and tile & grout.

Why Commercial Cleaning is Essential

Commercial upholstery, carpets, and other flooring cleaners are essential to the health and cleanliness of the overall business all year round. However, upholstery and carpeting can face severe wear and tear, building up and trapping seasonal allergies that become hazardous over time.

Regular professional cleaning is so important because it can prevent the growth of bacteria protect both your business’s looks and feel. Unlike over-the-counter solutions that are often harsh on children, pets, or people who suffer from allergies – our professional team works hard to use eco-friendly, non-toxic products for a healthier environment and your business.

We understand that “mild” products don’t always mean effective ones, which is why we use a natural citrus solution to break down oils and top-of-the-line equipment capable of tackling those tougher spots.

How Often Does Commercial Upholstery and Carpet Need to be Cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning is determined by the level of traffic a carpet sees. If your business has only a dozen or so employees, then quarterly would be recommended for regular upkeep purposes with no major disruptions insight throughout each year. This schedule would help prevent seasonal allergies from being trapped within carpets and cropping back up throughout the year while also maintaining the flooring look.

You may be looking at a couple of times per month or more for your carpets if you have them at the front door of an open business that sees frequent customer traffic and deliveries. Vacuuming alone won’t eliminate the worst build-up, so it’s best to combine this with other cleaning methods like professional cleanings is best. Even weather can change how frequently a carpet may need to be cleaned, as winter months cause more staining, rainy, muddy days track in mud, and many other variables that change the needs of the flooring.

Tile & Grout is much the same, as you can often see the traffic marks in the grout and discoloration in the tile. For all forms of professional cleanings, being aware of the level of use an area sees and where the worst of the traffic is, is essential to working out a schedule that works for you when it comes to calling in a professional team of cleaners.

Much like carpet, upholstery should be cleaned a couple of times a month if they see frequent use. However, you may be in a situation where your carpets need to be cleaned more frequently than your upholstery, and where you call our team in twice or three times a month for your carpets, quarterly may work for your upholstery. Suppose you’re uncertain about the specific needs of your carpets, upholstery, and other parts of your business. In that case, we offer on-site estimates where our team can look at the areas you’d like cleaned and get an idea of what your business operations look like to offer recommendations!

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We understand the demands of a commercial environment and are always prepared to work with you when you need us. Carpets in businesses see more traffic than those found at private residences, but our team is ready for any challenge when it comes time free from allergens or other build-ups on your business’s flooring!

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