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Sanpete, Sevier, Juan & Millard Counties 435-427-9800

Utah, Salt Lake & Wasatch Counties: 801-227-7387

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What makes Power Plus different?

People ask us to explain what sets us apart from other cleaners.

This is difficult to explain because every carpet cleaner is going to say pretty much the exact same thing, things like: “we are the best because we have the best equipment, products, customer service, etc… and I feel that we do have all those things.

However, that is not what sets our business apart.

Since last year our entire company was asked to read the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. This book has completely transformed our company. One of the things that he says, which has become our company theme is, “Good is the enemy of great”. Meaning, the reason we don’t have great schools is because we have really good schools, the reason we don’t have great government is because we have good government, the reason we don’t have great companies is because we have good companies, etc…

We get so comfortable being good that we don’t every strive to be great. We don’t want to be just another good carpet cleaning company, or even a really good carpet cleaning company…we want to be GREAT.

We want to be Elite.

That is our goal. We don’t want you as a customer one time, we want you as a customer for lifetime.

As owners and employees alike that is the culture and goal every time we go into a home or offie. We only hire people who have these types of attributes. If all an employee cares about is a quick easy pay check or rushing through a job, then they can go work for someone else.

We search hard for people that want to be part of something great. This new focus has changed the way we think, speak, act and clean. I can’t promise that we won’t ever make a mistake, or that we won’t have on off day here and there, but I can absolutely guarantee you that if you don’t feel our service was “Great” we will do what ever it takes to make you change your mind.

Good is not good enough at Power Plus.

We want you to both see and feel that from the moment you contact us until the moment we leave your home or office. We demand that every person in this company be professional, friendly, respectful, honest and have the highest integrity when they come to your home…and that is what sets Power Plus apart. That is what we strive to be.

We know you have many choices of companies to call, we would be honored for you to choose us.

Thank you for considering Power Plus, We look forward to meeting you soon.

Devron Larson
CEO/Power Plus Cleaning