5 Reasons to Use Power Plus Cleaning

  • We Strive for an Amazing Carpet Cleaning Experience

    At Power Plus Cleaning our goal is not to have you as a customer one time, but rather for a life time. We want you to have such an amazing experience with our company that you do not even consider using any one else.

  • Our Cleaning Crew is Highly Trained

    Every crew we send to your home is highly trained, industry certified and field tested. We send our crews with the latest cleaning techniques along with the most powerful truck mount machines and equipment that you can find in the industry.

  • Residue Free Pre-Spray to Carpet & Traffic Lanes

    Our residue free cleaning products are safe for children and pets. They so mild that they are FDA approved to clean food. We also use an all natural citrus product that not only helps remove the greasy, oily stains from you carpet, but leaves them smelling clean and fresh.

  • We Invest in the Best Equipment on the Market

    We are one of the few companies that invest in using the powerful RX-20 Rotary jet extractor on every single job. Due to the cost and time involved to use it, many companies do not even offer this service, and if they do, it usually is considered an upgrade with additional costs. We use this machine on every job: there is no equal when it comes to removing deep down dirt, stains and especially pet hair from your carpet.

  • We Get Results

    Using high-end equipment definitely costs our company more time and money, but the results we get are unbeatable. Many of our customers can not believe the difference this machine makes compared to the traditional wand cleaning method. All of our vans are equally equipped to clean upholstery, tile, grout and vinyl. Our vans also contain all necessary spot cleaning products to remove most stains, including red stains, gum, make up, grease, oil, paint (depending on paint and quantity), mustard, and other hard to remove items.

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Additional Details about Our Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Apply Protector & Residue Remover

    We take the extra steps to ensure your long-term satisfaction. By applying our exclusive CPR (Carpet Protector & Residue Remover) your carpets will stay cleaner longer and helps prevent those stubborn stains from reappearing.

  • Replace Furniture & Apply Foam Blocks to Protect

    We want to work for you for a lifetime.

  • Groom Carpet to a Nice Finish

    We don't want you to think about using someone else again.

  • Utilize the Highest Quality Equipment

    We've purchased the most power equipment you can find on the market.

  • Post Inspection with Customers to Ensure Complete Satisfaction

    We use a residue free cleaning product to ensure the best treatments. Just had my carpets cleaned and I was so happy they look great!! Very professional and friendly. Would recommend them if you need a carpet service. - Jennifer

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