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Our expert team has decades of experience in carpet cleaning. As the industry has changed and grown, our owners, operators, team members, and technicians have learned and grown with it to provide our customers with the greatest clean on the market every time. We always strive to keep our process top-of-the-line, a cut above the rest, even as the technology and culture around carpet cleaning have changed.

We aren’t trying to do a good job; we strive to do a GREAT job every time. That is why we are constantly working on learning, growing, and leading the way in the carpet cleaning business.

5 Things to Expect With Every Cleaning from Power Plus

We want you to always know what to expect when our professional and courteous team enters your home. Our goal is for your satisfaction, which is why we always offer;

An Amazing Carpet Cleaning Experience

At Power Plus Cleaning, our goal is not to have you as a customer one time but rather for a lifetime. From the moment we answer your call to the moment we leave your home, we want you to have such a great experience with our company that we earn your business for years to come.

Our Cleaning Technicians Are Highly Trained

Every crew we send to your home is highly trained, industry certified, and field-tested. We send our crews with the latest cleaning techniques and most powerful truck mount machines and equipment available in the industry. We demand every technician treat you with respect, honesty, and integrity. Their very job depends on it!

Residue-Free Cleaning Products

Our residue-free cleaning products are safe for children and pets. They are so mild that the FDA has approved them to clean food. We also use an all-natural citrus product that not only helps remove the greasy, oily stains from your carpet but leaves them smelling clean and fresh. We will never use a product that will leave a soapy residue behind.

We Invest in the Best Equipment on the Market

We are one of the few companies that invest in using the powerful RX-20 Rotary jet extractor on every single job. Due to the cost and time involved in using it, many companies do not even offer this service, and if they do, it usually is considered an upgrade with additional costs. We use this machine on every job: there is no equal when it comes to removing deep-down dirt, stains, and especially pet hair from your carpet. Using high-end equipment definitely costs our company more time and money, but the results we get are unbeatable. Many of our customers can not believe the difference this machine makes compared to the traditional wand cleaning method. All of our vans are equally equipped to clean upholstery, tile, grout and vinyl.

Your Complete Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Our goal is to make you feel that you received the very best cleaning, the very best service and the very best experience you have ever had with a carpet cleaning company. However, there may be a rare case where we miss something or that we happen to make a mistake. If that case, you can rest assured knowing that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that we fix the issue and that you are completely satisfied. Every customer matters to us!!

Are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe?

Over time, other carpet cleaning chemicals are known to leave carpets worse than how they started. For example, solutions that leave a soapy residue tend to attract more dirt, dust and stains that will cling to your carpets almost immediately after cleaning. In the past, these chemicals were harsher and much more damaging to the environment than they are now.

Thanks to the cultural shift towards greener practices and careful testing from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Seal, EPA, and other certification programs, products used to clean carpets have become much safer for the environment and your family.

What sets Power Plus apart in this, however, is that we understand that “mild” products do not always mean effective products. With tough to remove stains, and years of traffic wear, mild solutions just don’t cut it. That’s why we use a natural citrus solution that breaks down oils, and top-of-the-line equipment that are capable of tackling those tougher spots.

It is important to us that our solution was FDA approved, and safe for every member of your family, as well as the environment, without sacrificing the quality of our clean. As such, Power Plus strived to do both.

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