Whether you live in Utah or anywhere else, the sad fact is that most upholstery is never, ever cleaned. These are the textiles you sit on, lie on, and live on every day. They are permitted to accumulate dust, bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants, yet you frequently launder and disinfect your bath towels and wash your sheets- what’s the logic?

There isn’t any logic. It is no secret that homeowners change and wash their sheets regularly and launder their bath towels. However, these same people will spend years without washing their precious upholstery materials. To be honest, if we took a petri dish or micro-biological sample of your beloved upholstered chair or sofa, it would make you sick (and may have done so in the past or still may, literally!)

Upholstery cleaning services are relatively prevalent in America nowadays, and the businesses that focus on carpet and upholstery cleaning have quite advanced cleaning processes. These approaches are specific to each type of upholstery to preserve the condition of your furniture. 

Here are some frequent indicators that your upholstery should be cleaned.

1. Odor

If your upholstery has a strong or unpleasant stench, it likely needs to be cleaned. This occurs when there is an excessive amount of dirt, dust, animal hair, body oils and sweat that has collected over time.

2. Stains and dirt

Everyone gets a stain, specks of filth, or some dust on their upholstered furniture from time to time. You can wipe it away if you are quick enough. However, there are situations when you don’t realize until it’s too late. Rubbing at the stain and attempting to employ other home cures may just make it worse. Contacting a professional upholstery cleaning provider is the best option. They can remove fresh stains and those that have accumulated over time. You may not realize how filthy your furniture has become until you get it professionally cleaned.

3. Pet Hair

Pet hair is perhaps the worst type of dirt that can accumulate on upholstery. Pets are constantly shedding, and there is usually no way to avoid their hair accumulating on your furniture or carpet. A good vacuum cleaner and regular grooming can keep their hair in check. However, there may be times when this is not enough. You may find yourself needing a professional upholstery cleaning service to do the job right.

4. Increase in allergy symptoms

Some people are prone to allergic reactions to pet dander, pollen, or other types of airborne contaminants. You may have had no issue with your upholstered furniture before. Then you may start to notice that you are sneezing more, you have a stuffy nose, and you are becoming itchy. There are also times when you can smell the dirt on your upholstery. If you think this is happening, it could be a good indicator that you need professional cleaning services.

5. Fading

Upholstery can also fade over time. This can be caused by the accumulation of dirt, dust, and body oils on the furniture’s surfaces. These are not natural elements and can have adverse effects on the coloring of the upholstery. If you notice that your upholstery is fading, it could signify that it needs cleaning.


Upholstery cleaning is essential, not just for the look of your home but for your health. It is pretty standard for people to have allergies to the dust, animal hair, bacteria, and other contaminants that accumulate on upholstery.

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