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Paul’s Secret to Spotless and Fresh Carpets

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Hi, Devron here! Let me share with you our amazing job helping Paul transform his spotty, urine-soaked carpets into something clean, which meets all expectations!

The Baca’s Story:

Paul Baca of Orem, Utah, has a sister-in-law who just moved out; with her was the puppy who left his urine marks all over Paul’s carpets. It was an excruciating experience for Paul since pet urine has a very potent and unpleasant odor becoming one of the worst offenders when leaving behind an unpleasant scent. Considering Power Plus Cleaning the outstanding carpet cleaning and urine extraction in Orem, Paul immediately called us to solve this problem ASAP.

Here’s What We Started With

The team arrived at Paul’s house immediately after getting his call, assessed the damage then started working right away. Started pre-treating the carpet with a cleaner, deodorizer, and a topical pet urine treatment in affected areas eliminating the pet urine and odor from the carpet fibers. They also cleaned the carpet with advanced, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, paying particular attention to the stains. Our skilled professionals restored the carpets to their original state in no time!

Look at the STUNNING Results!

Not only are they clean and fresh-looking now, but they’re also free of harmful bacteria or allergens. If you’re ever in a similar situation as Paul was, don’t hesitate to call Power Plus Cleaning and Restoration – expect your carpets to be restored to its original state. Paul can now relax, knowing that his home is finally clean and back to normal!

And what does Paul think?

Great job again!

Paul Baca

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