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Hello, I’m Devron, owner of Power Plus Cleaning and Restoration, let me tell you how we helped Katie in Lehi, transform their high traffic carpets to the clean and fresh state she expects from her trusted professional carpet cleaners.

The Holmstead’s Story:

Katie had a large family with many children running around the house, causing traffic in her main room. Before long, the carpets were becoming covered in dirt, and Katie knew it was time to find a solution. She had been struggling with the same problem, which was always resolved by the same professional carpet cleaning company, so again, she hired Power Plus to execute the best solutions.

Here’s What We Started With

As soon as the crew arrived at Katie’s house, they went to work immediately, pretreating the carpet with particular attention to all the areas where traffic had caused it to become filthy. Then they took out their rotating brushes, which agitated the dirt particles deeply embedded in the carpet fibers so that they could be removed more easily before starting any deep cleaning process.

Finally, they used their powerful RX20 machine once everything was ready, extracting all those tough stains like magic! As an added bonus, this machine also helps protect your carpets from future damage by applying a special sealant after every use – something Katie surely appreciated since she knew how hard it would otherwise have been to keep up with constant traffic in her home!

Check Out How AMAZING It Turned Out!

Once we were done, Katie couldn’t believe how clean her carpets looked – like new! She thanked Power Plus for giving her such great results and constantly never disappointing her with the outcome, which protects her carpets from future damage or staining. Now she no longer had to worry about all the dirt building up again – thanks to professional help!

And what does Katie think?

“We have used Power Plus Cleaning before. They always do a great job. Thorough and professional. Thank you!”

Katie Holmstead

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