Carpets contribute to a Utah home’s warmth and comfort. After a long day standing on hard floors, you can sink into a plush carpet for warmth. Carpets also help control sounds, making them ideal for those with children or pets. However, even the most worthy carpet can fall victim to mishaps from the household members.

In this article, we’re going to explore the most typical stains that carpets end up incurring alongside how to best treat them. This will, in turn, help you to keep your carpets looking a lot like they’re brand new or at least much like the way they were upon installation.

1 – Blood Stains

Children end up dealing with scrapes and cuts all the time, but even adults and pets have to deal with that kind of situation. This is especially true in the summer when playing and working outdoors are far more common. When blood ends up on your carpet, there are steps to take so you can nip major damage in the bud.

Spray the stain with cold water as soon as possible. Warm water will worsen the situation, as heat solidifies blood. Create a solution of cold water mixed with a drop of dishwashing detergent, then blot the stain out until it dries. Repeat this until the stain eventually vanishes or call in the professionals if it is not removed before attempting anything you see online that may ruin your carpet.

2 – Coffee Stains

A warm cup of coffee is beloved by everyone when it comes to getting the day started. However, nobody loves the mess it leaves when it’s accidentally spilled all over a perfectly good and clean carpet. Whether it’s a couple of drops or a whole mug’s worth, it’s necessary to be well-equipped to lessen damage considerably.

It’s important to look into the carpet manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before starting to clean. That way, the proper solutions and methods can be applied as stated by the manufacturer themselves. 

It’s best to leave coffee spills on your carpet rather than scrub them out. Blot the coffee with a towel, then spray a solution that’s equal parts white vinegar and water on the coffee stain. If the stain seems to have set in your carpet, then no amount of scrubbing is going to remove it without damaging your carpet. It’s time to get professional advice from your local carpet cleaning experts.

3 – Pet Stains

There’s no question that people love pets pretty much like family. Whether it’s a cat, dog, or even a hamster, there’s a lot of delight and warmth only pets can give a family. That said, accidents can still end up happening. This is why preparation is absolutely important. 

Having a working knowledge of the right steps to take will help prevent long-term damage from pet urine, poop, and vomit.

Needless to say, the immediate step to take is to pick the mess up as quickly as possible. If it’s urine, it has to be blotted; poop must be scooped up as soon as possible. It’s important to avoid scrubbing the stains while this is happening. Otherwise, they will end up being pushed into the carpet even more. Basically, that will essentially make things worse.

After large debris gets addressed and cleaned out, cleaning and blotting out the rest should happen with a mild vinegar solution. 


Carpets are incredibly helpful for decor, and they can be functional as well. They’re prone to end up with stains, however. Typical ones include coffee stains, pet stains, and blood stains.

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