If you have a pet, you may have an issue keeping your carpets and furniture clean and free of odors. Professional carpet cleaning is an excellent option to help remove pet odors from your home. Why? 

DIY carpet shampooing and steam cleaning can be an OK way to clean your carpets, but they may not be successful in removing pet odors. In some cases, these methods may even activate the enzymes in pet waste, leading to even worse-smelling odors. Poor cleaning can also leave behind detergent residues and smells that can be unpleasant and cause further issues.

Do You Really Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Pet urine can seep into the carpet fibers and padding, causing a lingering bad smell. The smell may become less noticeable as time goes on, but it is still there. When the area is heated or cleaned, the smell will become much stronger and more apparent.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned is a great way to get rid of pet odors. Still, it is essential to note that these treatments are not always enough to eliminate the smell completely. Sprays used during or after shampooing may temporarily mask the odor and not stop it. Additionally, leaving water in the carpets can lead to mold and mildew growth, which can lead to lingering odors.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is a great way to ensure pet odors and stains are properly handled. Their specialized knowledge and tools can eliminate any smells or discolorations caused by your pet, leaving your carpets looking and smelling fresh.

Eliminating Dog or Cat Smells 

Using warm water won’t necessarily get rid of odors from pet waste, such as urine or feces, that have made their way into your carpets or furniture. It’s important to remember that animals can bring in all kinds of smells from outside, such as garbage or decaying animals, so even steam cleaning and shampooing might not always be able to remove all the odors

Professional carpet cleaning is a process that can help remove pet odors from carpets. This process can help eliminate the smell of an animal that hasn’t been adequately cleaned or groomed, as well as any fresh waste that may have been tracked into the carpet. This can leave carpets smelling fresher and cleaner.

Hiring a carpet cleaning company to eliminate pet odors is the best way to ensure that the scents are gone for good. The professionals should be informed that they should use special odor neutralizers to tackle any pet odors and be ready to remove any difficult stains. This will help ensure that the smells are removed from your carpets for good.

An experienced cleaning contractor will take extra steps to ensure carpets are thoroughly cleaned. They may lift the carpet and clean the underside to remove urine or dirt soaked into the backing. They will use a UV light to find pet stains that cannot be seen by the naked eye and ensure all stains are cleaned.

Final Thoughts 

Professional carpet cleaning for pet odors effectively reduces the unpleasant smell caused by pet accidents. Treating the problem quickly and thoroughly is essential to ensure the pet odor doesn’t become embedded in your carpets. 

Professional carpet cleaning services use powerful cleaning solutions and specialized equipment to deep-clean carpets and remove pet odors. While it is possible to tackle pet odor removal on your own, professional carpet cleaners have the expertise and experience to quickly and effectively remove stubborn odors.

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