When your carpet becomes soaked, the damage goes beyond what’s covered by the carpet. Wetting the underpad and subfloor underneath can cause weird odors and can lead to mold or mildew. When you have a wet carpet in your Utah home, it’s very unpleasant.

Here are some tips to help you out if you have weird odors or wet carpet concerns.

Is It Obvious When a Carpet Is Wet?

This may seem like an odd question, but there’s a high likelihood that wet carpets don’t actually look moist for quite some time. Old moisture might be trapped under the carpet’s surface; at that point, a corner of the house might be leaking. This could have gone unnoticed because you don’t usually pay much attention to that end of the home.

A foul odor will likely end up coming from the affected area in a matter of days or weeks. That’s a great way for problems with carpet moisture to make themselves known aside from being visually obvious.

Is there a musty odor that just won’t go away with regular cleaning and/or vacuuming? Chances are a wet carpet or a leak behind a wall is causing that. The trapped moisture will likely make itself known as well through constant allergy symptoms and sickness in both family members and pets alike. If left unresolved, sections of the carpet may end up noticeably discolored, too.

Should Wet Carpets Be Left to Sit?

Maybe you return home at night to find water stains on your family room carpet. Or perhaps you awake in the morning to discover your basement is flooded. In either case, it’s impossible to know how long ago the leak occurred, or how long the carpet’s been wet in the first place.

Regardless of when the incident happened, you shouldn’t delay cleaning up the mess. This is why you need to take action in order to ensure that the carpet is drying properly. When a carpet is left to sit while wet, risks are present for the carpet, the padding under that, and even the subfloor.

Carpets that are not properly dried out, or left wet too long can suffer from mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew then invade your home and infest other rooms of your house. Once these substances have lingered too long in the carpet, they cannot be removed and only full replacement can fix the issue.

Mold is very toxic to the human body and just as toxic to pets because they breathe the same air. Left untreated, mold will cause health problems for anyone who is sensitive to allergens and can even taint your home’s air supply. 

  • Take the Moisture Out

The most important thing when dealing with a carpet problem is to stop water from flowing into the area. The next step is to call a professional water remediation specialist to remove the moisture from the carpet. Wet vacs are not effective tools for extracting water from carpets. Advanced extraction along with proper air movers, air scrubbers and serious dehumidification over several days is really the only way to correct the situation and prevent additional, secondary damage. 

  • Make Sure There’s Air Flow

In a wet area, the best technique to deal with mold is to get the moisture off the floor and into the air, and then pull the moisture out of the air. Turn on fans and open the windows can be a good rule of thumb in a pinch if the outside air is less humid than whats occurring in your house, while you connect with a professional, and possibly your insurance company, so you can start the proper steps to restore your home back to its healthy and liveable state.


Dealing with a wet carpet, or flooded area is stressful, but it’s a common situation that homeowners will face at one time or another. It’s vital to address it right away to prevent damage not just to the carpet but even to the floors. Call the professionals to get the moisture out, ensure there’s proper airflow and test for any mold that may indicate this problem has been going on for longer than you may have expected.

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