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Welcome! I’m Devron, the proud owner of Power Plus Cleaning and Restoration, and I am excited to share a recent success story from one of our satisfied customers, Staci from Herriman. With our expertise and top-notch services, we transformed Staci’s high-traffic carpets into a pristine and refreshing state, exceeding her expectations for a trusted and reliable carpet cleaning professional. So, if you’re looking for the best in the business, look no further than Power Plus Cleaning and Restoration and witness the incredible carpet cleaning results. Let us show you how we can bring new life to your carpets and exceed your expectations.

The Hale’s Story:

Staci Hale was a busy mother juggling multiple responsibilities. Every time she entered her child’s bedroom, she felt overwhelmed by the sight of heavy traffic and stubborn drink stains that had ruined the once beautiful carpet. She had tried everything from regular cleaning and vacuuming, but the dirt and debris seemed to accumulate faster than she could handle. Her frustration reached a tipping point, and she knew she needed a professional solution. That’s when she turned to the Power Plus Cleaning and Restoration experts, hoping they could help restore her child’s room to its former glory.

Here’s What We Started With

Carpet Cleaning Services in Herriman
Carpet Cleaning Services in Herriman
Carpet Cleaning Services in Herriman
Upon arrival at Staci’s house, the Power Plus Cleaning and Restoration crew immediately got to work. They knew Staci’s child’s carpet needed special attention to remove the heavy traffic and drink stains. So the team began by pre-treating the carpet with a special solution that targeted the problem areas. They even used a red stain remover specifically designed for tough stains like the one on Staci’s carpet.

Next, the crew brought out their rotating brushes, which agitated the dirt particles embedded deeply into the carpet fibers. With these particles loosened, the team could extract them more easily before starting the deep cleaning process.

Finally, the crew brought out their powerful RX20 machine, like magic, on the carpet. The device quickly removed all the tough stains and dirt particles, leaving Staci’s child’s carpet looking as good as new. As an added bonus, the machine also applied a special sealant to protect the carpet from future damage caused by traffic and spills. Staci was thrilled with the results and relieved to know that her child’s carpet was protected against future damage.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Herriman
Carpet Cleaning Services in Herriman

Check Out How AMAZING It Turned Out!

After the Power Plus Cleaning and Restoration crew finished, Staci couldn’t believe her eyes. The carpets in her child’s room looked brand new, without any trace of the heavy traffic or stubborn drink stains that had once plagued them. Staci was overjoyed with the results and thanked the crew for their exceptional work.

Staci knew that she could always count on Power Plus for outstanding results that never disappoint. She appreciated how the crew cleaned her carpets and applied a protective sealant that would prevent future damage or staining. Finally, Staci could relax, knowing that her child’s room would remain clean and fresh for a long time, thanks to the professional help she received from Power Plus.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Herriman
Carpet Cleaning Services in Herriman

And what does Staci think?

“My technician was amazing. He made sure he addressed my problems and double checked with me on the problem stains. I love this company… They do amazing work that is quality through and through!!”

Staci Hale

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