Testimonial: Elaine M

Wow…Power Plus was the answer to my prayers. Having had an older dog that was deaf and blind, couldn’t find the doggie door any longer, and the house became her backyard. Had to put her down before having carpets in the whole house cleaned. But then to have a daughter move back in with her dog, we found out she was using the house as her backyard too…UGH…called Power Plus, the owner (Kade) was fantastic to us, had carpets checked with black light, and saw green spots galore. I knew there were tons of urine places, as I was using Vicks in my nose to hide the smell until Power Plus was able to get here. This is the most professional company I have dealt with, and made me feel comfortable about my horrible carpets. Every room had green spots showing up with the black light. Its was amazing to see the process in removing spots, urine and the smell. After 4 hard hours of cleaning my carpets, I arrived back home and they looked like new, and smelled wonderful !!!!! My home is urine free, spot free, and smell free. I have used many other carpet cleaner companies over the years, but have never found one that truly understood, or knew the correct process from beginning to end of how to get urine smell, spots out ect. So you can imagine if you just want to have your carpets cleaned, your out come will be amazing. I will NEVER use another carpet cleaner company, but POWER PLUS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Elaine M. – Payson, UT

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