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Our Flood Restoration Process

  • Arrive & Assess Damaged Areas

    We will arrive at your home in 30-90 minutes. Using meters, probes and cameras, we find all water hidden in the floors, walls, ceiling, insulation, furniture, vents and other areas that water can hide.

  • Move Furniture & Extract Water From Area

    We will move the furniture, boxes and other content necessary to access the flooded areas of each room. Using pumps and/or our powerful truck mount extractors, we remove all standing water from the home.

  • Remove & Haul Away Damaged Materials & Debris

    We remove any material (carpet, pad, drywall, base board, insulation, etc...) that cannot be saved or dried in place.

  • Treat Wet Material & Set Up Drying Equipment

    To prevent possible mold growth, we treat all wet materials with an antimicrobial (optional). We set up all needed drying equipment, including air movers, dehumidifiers, heaters, wall dryers, etc. to dry the home ASAP.

  • Restore Home to Pre-Flood Condition & Work with Insurance Provider

    Once the home is dry we will rebuild and restore all areas of the home back to pre-flood condition (based on insurance approval). We will meet, speak and work directly with your insurance company and adjuster during the entire process.

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