Coronavirus Treatments - Power Plus Cleaning

Here are some facts you must know right now regarding the Coronavirus. 

  • There are cleaners that will kill the virus (click the link below to the CDC website for the list)
  • You do not need to hire a professional to disinfect your office.  Many companies will claim that their system is the only way to do it.
  • Most disinfectants are only good for a one time cleaning.  Meaning surfaces or areas that are cleaned today will also need to be cleaned again tomorrow if they have been touched or infected

What Can Power Plus Do to Help You Right Now?

We are committed to helping businesses and families fight this virus and get us back on track asap.  We have been working with expert chemists that have created a revolutionary new Product Called “Purblock” that kill germs, bacteria and envelope type virus(* see below) on contact, and not just a one time kill, but it continues to kill for up to 6 months.  That’s right, one application and you are protect for months not just a day.

This new chemistry has some very unique qualities that no other product has:

  • Kills these microbes on contact
  • Semi Permanent application, continues to kill for up to 6 months with only one applicationIs
  • 100% non toxic or corrosive (unlike bleach or other harsh chemicals/disinfectants)
  • Is FDA approved to be used on food grade surfaces
  • Organic and bio safe for the environment
  • Will not leach or absorb into skin or food
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Because it is completely non-toxic it can literally be applied even with employees or customers in the room
  • Odorless, so no harsh smells, fumes, residue that need to be air out before use
  • Saves you money because you only have to apply it once every 3-6 months

If you would like to learn more about how this amazing new science can help protect your business then watch this short video, or contact Power Plus for more info or a free estimate.

The product is applied using  and electrostatic sprayer, similar to this video.

Call today for more information or to receive a free onsite or phone estimate.
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* Disclaimer:  Even though Purblock has been proven to kill many pathogens including envelope virus (Covid-19 is a type of envelope virus), we can not claim that it will actually kill Covid-19 yet.   However, current in house testing has shown that most pathogens are unable to live on the surface treated with Prublock.